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Greater Knysna has water crisis

Thursday, 22 December 2016 13:31 Written by  Knysna Municipality
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With the storage dams levels dropping, the water flowing over the Knysna River weir by a mere 10mm and the Gouna River’s flow coming to a standstill the Knysna Municipality has been forced to implement Level 2 Water Restrictions with immediate effect.

This level brings punitive water tariffs into immediate effect and an additional 50 percent of the approved water consumption tariff will be applied to consumption exceeding 20kl/month.

Furthermore Knysna Municipal potable water is restricted to human consumption and business use. “This means that no gardens may be watered, nor cars nor boats washed,” explained Knysna Executive Mayor, Eleanore Bouw Spies.

Businesses are being instructed to implement water recycling systems on their premises. “This measure is especially relevant to all car washes in the area. Our Law Enforcement Officers are currently checking on recycling systems, and where it is found to be lacking will be instructing the business to adhere to this within a month,” added the mayor.

Artificial water features and fountains may only run with recycled water from today (December 21) onwards.
Residents are also asked to retrofit their taps, showerheads and other plumbing equipment with water efficient devices.
The Municipality further asks that all their residents and holiday makers adhere strictly to the water restrictions and treat water as the scarce commodity that it is. “Our Law Enforcement officers will be out in force to ensure that nobody breeches these new water restriction,” added Bouw-Spies.

Knysna’s water usage for the week prior to 18 December was once again extremely high. Knysna’s daily target of 8Ml/day was not met as residents used a whopping 16.3Ml/day. Sedgefield’s target daily water consumption is 1.9Ml/day and its residents used 2.9Ml/day during the same period.

“We are asking all residents and visitors to be our eyes and ears on the ground and report water abuse. As previously communicated, no mercy will be shown to anybody caught wasting water and they will receive hefty fines,” concluded Bouw-Spies.

Please report all water abuse to the Municipal report WhatsApp number 083 665 3824.

Water-saving tips are available on the Knysna Municipality website www.knysna.gov.za

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