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Beach Safety Tips

Thursday, 01 December 2016 14:27 Written by  Lisa Leslie
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The ocean is dynamic and often unpredictable by nature so caution needs to be exercised at all times. Below is a list of things to keep in mind when enjoying the ocean environment in our beautiful area:

1. Everyone who ventures into the sea should be able to swim, or have on a certified personal floatation device.
2. Before entering the sea, swimmers should take time to watch the waves and avoid places where there is a strong backwash, rip currents or a danger of being washed onto rocks.
3. If you experience a strong rip current get out of the sea, or remain well within your depth. If you are carried out to sea by a rip current DO NOT try to swim ashore against the current – it will only tire you. Instead swim parallel to the shore and you will get out of the current and can then surf in with the waves.
4. It is better to swim when the tide is rising as the sea will tend to wash you ashore and the backwash and rip currents are not so strong.
5. Always heed warning notices, swim between demarcating beacons and obey lifeguards.
6. Never dive into water without knowing the depth.
7. Avoid swimming when there are bluebottles present, they can cause a painful sting.
8. Avoid playing on the rocks where there is large surf. You may well be caught off guard by an unusually large wave and swept into the water.
9. When fishing from rocks a life jacket should be worn.

Put these numbers in your phone NOW - in case of emergencies:
National number for a sea rescue emergency: 112
Ambulance and Rescue telephone number 10177
NSRI Knysna 082 990 5956 or 044 382 0211
NSRI Wilderness & Sedgefield 082 990 5955 or 044 604 6271

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