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Knysna & Partners welcome the decision by the council to renew their support for tourism in Knysna and surrounds. Tourism is an integral part of this beautiful town and the main economic driver for growth and development to benefit all communities. We are extremely happy for the financial and strategic support and look forward to building a great relationship going forward when we implement the tourism strategy with all our stakeholders over the next three years.

We would be remiss to not admit that in today’s fast changing economic times as an organization we need to continuously evolve to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve, thereby creating maximum benefit for our members and stakeholders. We have made significant changes to the way we operate to this effect, from restructuring membership benefits, staffing and more. In the coming months, you will see significant changes in the way we do business, starting with the following:

We aim to rejuvenate the tourism visitor centers, ensuring that they become key hubs for local residents, as well as domestic and international tourist to get information on all the wonderful activities that this town has to offer. We intend to embark on a staff development program to ensure that our staff are at the front end of the business when it comes to this.

As a town, we need to embrace international tourism, and to that effect we are embarking on an ambitious program to further promote Knysna locally and abroad. This will be done in conjunction with our members and stakeholders, both regional and national.

A clear vision has been developed in regards to festivals and events and we intend to position Knysna as the premier destination in South Africa for events and festivals, thereby creating significant economic input into the local economy.

Transformation and the development of the informal tourism sector is a very important issue and we intend to address this in a structured and organic manner to ensure that we create meaningful tourism operators that benefit all communities.

We thank our members and stakeholders to remaining steadfast and loyal to the organization, and will be engaging with everyone in the next few months to ensure that everyone is focused on the same vision for this amazing town.

Knysna & Partners Board and staff

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Monday, 05 October 2015 13:43

Knysna & Partners AGM 2015

Following our AGM last Thursday we have compiled a few slideshare presentations you can find below:

Knysna & Partners 2015 AGM

Knysna & Partners Business Plan 2015

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