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The Sasol Car Challenge is heading this way!

Friday, 21 September 2018 10:45 Written by  Belinda Hobson
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The Sasol Solar Challenge is an epic seven-day event in which solar-powered cars challenge each other on public roads across South Africa.
The Challenge tests the limits of energy, innovation and technology as teams are tested by diverse conditions. Baking sun, violent storms, high winds, changing road surfaces and a drop-in altitude of nearly 2 000 metres have to be considered.

Spectators can view attend

Challenge stops on route –

Thursday, 27 September
16:45 – 17:45 Overnight stop: 
Mosaic Village, Sedgefield

Friday, 28 September
6:30 – 7:30 Start: 
Mosaic Village, Sedgefield
Which will be flagged and started by Knysna Mayor 
Mark Willemse
Mosaic Village, Sedgefield

Watch the 2016 #Sasolcarchallenge to get an idea of what to expect.Sasol Solar Challenge #SasolSolarChallenge #SSC18

Taking advantage of loops in the route that competitors can repeat, top teams will clock close to 5 000 km during the seven days. Teams travel with entire weather stations and dedicated strategists who make make-or-break decisions as conditions change, which is what makes the Sasol Solar Challenge one of the toughest of its kind.

“Everybody involved in the Sasol Solar Challenge is at the top of their game and aiming for constant innovation as they test ideas and technology in tough real-world conditions,” said Elton Fortuin, Sasol’s Vice President of Group Communication and Brand Management. “This is the commitment and skill and energy which we recognize at Sasol, and which South Africa needs to reach its industrial and energy potential.”

The Sasol Solar Challenge was started ten years ago, and race director Winstone Jordaan said the motivation for the event has always been the same - to inspire, educate, and promote the industry:

“The Sasol Solar Challenge inspires students in 17 towns across the country who may otherwise only see science and technology applications in the classroom. Thousands of kids come to see the event along the way, and join in on the custom education activities at the various stops. The Sasol Solar Challenge also pushes universities to develop new technologies by creating a competitive environment. The research done by solar teams has become invaluable to the energy industry.”

Spectators can view attend any of the Sasol Solar Challenge stops en route – https://www.facebook.com/SASolarChallenge/videos/2214953678519876/

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