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Knysna Blues Festival Artist Announcement

Tuesday, 03 December 2019 16:20 Written by  Better Live
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(Michael Canfield)
USA-born Canfield has played with some of the biggest names in rock and roll, from Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley through to Paul Simon, Billy Idol and Bob Dylan. He’s done the Grammy’s, the Oscars and busked in the streets of New York City. In South Africa he’s worked with everyone from Johnny Clegg and Boer-musik legends Radio Kalahari Orkes to rock legends, The Black Cat Bones. He was recently a featured player touring with soulful singer/songwriter Gerald Clark.
Michael joins the Knysna Blues Festival as Master-of-Ceremonies and brings his infectious and masterful New-Orleans style to the all important opening slot - ensuring you'll be foot-stomping and singing along from the very beginning of this awesome festival!
We welcome Michael, not only as one of the 'Old Guards of pure Blues', but as a mentor to up-and-coming artists, a superbly-connected stalwart in the International music scene and an electrifying entertainer - and with a sense of humour you "won't need to lower your intelligence for"...
#MichaelCanfield #Knysna #Blues #KnysnaBlues #BetterLiveSA
(Dave Ferguson)
Dave is a one-man lo-fi-hi-impact explosion of Trans-Blues & Country-Dub. This solo show uses only harmonica, human beat-box and vocals, recording live loops and then layering and building those loops to construct a song… Although it's a solo act it's not your typical singer-song-whiner type show, expect more in your face dance-style grooves served up in a Deep-South style... It sounds a bit frightening, but don't worry - it is... in a fantastic way.
Dave Ferguson has graced the Blues Festival before... yet we still know close-to-nothing about him. We think the press say it best and hope, that if you've never seen this one-man powerhouse in action, this may shed some light on the 'lonesome enigma' (or not...):
"Lonesome Dave, a one-man-music-maverick that sends you into a timewarp of warm, deep southern soul, blues & country sounds, mixed up with a good measure of footstomping dub funk and dancestyle grooves. Raw, retro-futuristic genius…"
– Heartbeat Magazine
"Dave Ferguson is known for having learnt the harmonica on another planet."
– mahala.co.za, Jannike Bergh
"..those who have seen Dave Ferguson play live, speak with awe in hushed, yet animated tones of admiration. It's a style that's tarantinoesque in it's complex simplicity..."
– My Music Matrix
#LonesomeDave #DaveFerguson #Knysna #Blues #KnysnaBlues #BetterLiveSA

 (BlackWater SA)
Black Water is an exciting new addition to the SA blues-rock scene and, certainly, to the Knysna Blues Festival... and we've only seen great things about them!
Formed in 2015, this talented trio features established musicians Martin Botha (vocals and lead guitar), Hannes van Wyk (bass guitar) and Bennie Pretorius (drums and percussion's).
While the band’s style is predominantly guitar-driven, old-school blues and rock, its varied influences ensure that Black Water’s sound stands out as fresh, thrilling and relevant in today’s competitive landscape.
Martin’s vocals are deep, dirty, gutsy and raw and the band’s performances are filled with such sincere emotion that it’s clear music is a passionate priority for all.
Their influences range from legends such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King, Buddy Guy and Muddy Waters to Gary Clark Jr, Joe Bonamassa, Albert Frost, Piet Botha, Dan Patlansky, Larkin Poe and Samantha Fish. Inspiration also comes from AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Motown, Jimi Hendrix, Philip Sayce and Jack White.
The band is based in Gauteng and plays mostly in Joburg and Pretoria, however they "do travel for great gigs" - like the Knysna Blues Festival people! Give it up for Black Water!
#BlackWaterBand #BlackWaterSA #Knysna #Blues #KnysnaBlues #BetterLiveSA

Nomawethu (Nhoza) Sitsholwana is a singer/songwriter in a genre she calls ‘traditional African fusion’, which personifies blues, jazz and traditional African music. She was born in a small Eastern Cape village outside King William’s Town and now resides in Cape Town.
Having seen (and heard) this fabulous singer / songwriter at a recent Crimson House concert in Knysna, we can testify that she is pretty much AMAZING!
Nhoza, who proudly calls herself unolali, meaning ‘village girl’, builds on her deep-seated blues and jazz roots and uses a natural skill to combine traditional African harmonies with strong blues/rock influences that she picked up from her years on the Capetonian music scene.
With her wide vocal range, beautifully developed into the rich, soulful blues/jazz sound she radiates on stage today, crowds tend to gravitate wherever Nhoza roams.
We welcome Nhoza, her huge infectious smile, goosebump voice and band to the ever-expanding Knysna Blues Festival universe! A new addition, but as they say... 'better late, then never'.
#Nhoza #NhozaMusic #Knysna #Blues #KnysnaBlues #BetterLiveSA

(Georgetown Band)
Sometimes a really amazing act manages to creep right under your nose... then you happen to have a friend-of-a-friend ask if you have seen them... This instrumental ensemble is just one of those, and they are musically... well, genius.
Georgetown is a multi-instrumental Bluebilly-Folk-Pop band from Pretoria South Africa. Formed in February 2014, the talented musicians have told their stories and shared their rhythms across main stages, theatres and towns. And now they are putting their creative hats (collectively) to tackle the Blues - right here in Knysna!
This will be interesting and unique stuff! And we can't wait to see them on stage...
With their roots planted in the diverse Southern Africa, Georgetown is a captivating hybrid of the classics and unique local influences. They bring audiences together with the use of a variety of musical instruments during their performances, including acoustic guitar, piano, upright bass, mandolin, harmonica, a washboard and a vintage suitcase kick-drum, promising a distinctive and creative sound to contemporary and original folk music.
We welcome Georgetown to the Knysna Blues Festival 2019! Bring some spice, flavour and fast fingers!
#Georgetown #GeorgetownBand #GeorgetownBlues #Knysna #Blues #KnysnaBlues #BetterLiveSA
Gerald Clark

(Gerald James Clark)
Gerald is no stranger to the Blues - or the Knysna Blues Festival - as fans request to see him again-and-again.. and we get it.
As the former lead singer of South African blues band Delta Blue, Gerald Clark has been a solid presence on the South African live music scene starting with their their first gig in 1997. Since going solo a few years later, there have been numerous excursions with South African legends such as Albert Frost, Dan Patlansky, Koos Kombuis, Theo Crous, Luna Paige and Van Coke Kartel, as well as local and international tours.
From Cape Town, South Africa to Trebic, Czech Republic, he has whooped and hollered on stage with the best of them.
Gerald is currently keeping busy with exciting collaborations. One of which he worked with the drummer, Barry van Zyl – a true legend who has performed with Johnny Clegg, Annie Lennox, Carlos Santana and Robert Plant. With Gerald on the acoustic guitar and vocals, and Barry with his masterful touch on the drums and percussion, this project produced top class music and a brand new album, Afrocoustic.
We welcome Gerald back to the Knysna Blues Festival, and are so honoured to have this busy, friendly and super-accomplished musician back on our shores!
#GeraldClark #GeraldClarkBlues #AfroBoer #Knysna #Blues #KnysnaBlues #BetterLiveSA
(Black Cat Bones)
Over the whole of South Africa, and so much further, the term "The Bones" is mentioned - and always with due respect:
- They've upped the Creek
- They've rocked the Daisies
- They've 'opp-ed' the 'Koppi'
...and so much more.
In no performance we've ever seen, or even heard about, have the 'Bones' ever disappointed. They hold a rightful accolade as "The best live act in South Africa".
Formed in Silverton, Pretoria in 2007, the group consists of members Kobus de Kock Jnr. (vocals) and André Kriel (guitar) with Casey Rothman (bass) and Gareth Bunge (drums). And if you know your musicians, this is pretty much the dream-team.
Their latest album 'Here is a Knife' was released in November 2018 (just before the Knysna Blues Festival) and has recently been nominated for another SAMA (South African Music Awards) for ‘Best Rock Album’.
You may have heard their single ‘The Well’, which is gaining popularity on local radio stations – the band has been enjoying high rotation and some well-deserved mainstream hype – and we think it's about time!
The Black Cat Bones are recognised for their hard work ethic and their professional approach to the music industry, one of the many reasons why they are loved and respected among their peers as one of the most driven musical outfits to come out of South Africa. They have collaborated and performed alongside some of the county’s most celebrated artists across all genres and are just as at home in an intimate toned-down setting as they are on a world class festival stages - in front of 30,000 people, or more.
The Black Cat Bones are Knysna-family, and we hope you welcome these LEGENDS back, with open arms.
#BlackCatBones #TheBlackCatBones #TBCB #TheBonesSA #Knysna #Blues #KnysnaBlues #BetterLiveSA
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