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Green Business Zone

Green Business Zone

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The Green Economy refers to two inter-linked developmental impacts for the Knysna economy:

  • Increased economic growth (which leads to investment, jobs and competitiveness) in the green industry sector
  • A shift in the Knysna economy as a whole towards cleaner indus­tries and sectors

Key focus areas have been identified to increase the competitive advantage of Knysna as a local economy which is known for its beautiful natural environment and is linking economic opportunity to this through the following initiatives which is aligned to National Government:

Green buildings and the Green business zones: programme includes greening private and public buildings and transforming the industrial area as a green business zone which is geared for green industries.

  1. Sustainable transport and infrastructure: programme includes promoting non-motorised transport
  2. Clean energy and energy efficiency: programme includes -

- Expanding off-grid options in rural and urban
- Solar Water Heater programme
- Solar geysers for all RDP houses

  1. Resource conservation and management: programme includes -
  • Infrastructure resilience and ecosystems
  • Offset programme
  • Biodiversity management
  1. Sustainable waste management practices: programme includes -
  • Naturally Knsyna initiative
  • Waste beneficiation
  • Zero waste community programme (Recycling swop shops)
  1. Agriculture, food production and forestry: programme includes intergrated sustainable hydroponics projects and agricultural beneficiation plants for the industrial area.
  2. Water management: programme includes -
  • Water harvesting
  • Alternative technology for effluent management
  • Comprehensive municipal water metering (Demand side management)
  • Reduce water losses in agriculture, municipalities and mining
  1. Sustainable consumption and production: programme includes -
  • Industry specific production methods
  • Industrial production technology changes
  1. Environmental sustainability: programme includes -
  • Greening large areas
  • Dune rehabilitation
  • Research, awareness and skills development and knowledge management.

A number of initiatives within civil society, private and private sectors are already in implementation i.e. Biowise. The investment potential in Knysna is significant to position the Greater Knysna as a investment destination for clean industries and research to transition the local economy towards a sustainable diversified economic base.