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  • Imperial Auto Festival of Golf: Parent and Child
    • Starting date Fri 01 July 2016
    • Ending date Fri 01 July 2016
    • Entry Fee R
    • Venue Pezula Championship Golf Course
    • Contact Person Nigel Herd
    • Contact Number 044 302 5310
    • Contact Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Enchanted Educational Forest
    • Starting date Fri 01 July 2016
    • Ending date Sun 03 July 2016
    • Entry Fee R
    • Venue Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival Grounds
    • Contact Person Delle
    • Contact Number 083 292 2928
  • Inflatable Fun & Games
    • Starting date Fri 01 July 2016
    • Ending date Sun 10 July 2016
    • Entry Fee R
    • Venue Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival Grounds
    • Contact Person Hannetjie Coetzee
    • Contact Number 082 454 9260/072 377 3563
    • Contact Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Knysna is situated in the heart of the Garden Route and is the perfect town to stay while exploring the surrounding areas. With a
host of luxurious Guest Houses, fully-
equipped Caravan Parks and up-market
hotels there is a spot that everyone
can call home for just a while.

Make sure that you plan your holiday with enough days to fully explore the quaint town of Knysna.Home to the illustrious Pansy Shell, the Knysna Lagoon is a must-see spot. Children will love playing in the shallow waters, as adults sit in their deck chairs and marvel at the Knysna Heads. Secure, peaceful and beautiful...read more...

Sedgefield’s is renowned as being the Garden Route’s Slow Town, the emblem of which
is a giant mosaic tortoise. The Slow Town
Festival which takes place in April every
year is a marvellous way to engage
in the Sedgefield community.

The events and activities range from art exhibitions, a beauty pageant, mosaic workshops, Mitchell’s beer tastings, a golf challenge, a chess tournament and even Victorian picnic accompanied by the sounds of a local Marimba-playing band. Gerickes Point is one of the Garden Routes most precious beaches. There is a view point overlooking the ocean and if you are there at the right time of year (around September/October), it is the perfect place to view southern right whales...read more...

The area around Rheenendal has a wide
range of activities for variety of tastes.
It’s a unique place that has a
mix of nature and culture
which attracts both young and old.

The best way to get to know Rheenendal is to explore the Rheenendal Ramble which is a collection of activities that show the best of what the area has to offer. The Rheenendal Ramble is a visitor’s itinerary with a clearly mapped route that helps tourists to explore the region to the full; on offer are quirky restaurants and tea gardens, forest hiking trails, dairy farms, beekeeping courses and art workshops. Rheenendal is a rural community just outside of Knysna (15km up the N2 towards George) and is well worth a visit. read more...

Brenton on Sea cascades down
sloping hills which eventually ends in a
“far as the eye can see”
white sanded beach.

The settlement was names after Sir Jahleel Brenton, who declared Knysna a harbour in 1818. If you are lucky enough you may even be able to spot the endangered Brenton Blue Butterfly. With street names such as Agapanthus, Watsonia, Protea and Stinkhout the whole suburb is a testimony to the variety of both fauna and flora. Adventure activities are countless at Brenton on Sea. Paraglide in safely off the top of a high hill (reachable only on foot) over the Indian Ocean or climb rocks that juts off the shore to fish for White...read more...

Buffels Bay (otherwise known as Buffeslbaai,
Buffalo Bay or simply Buffs) is a rustic
sea-side resort town for people looking
for a real holiday away
from their busy lives.

For much of the year Buffels Bay’s homes are empty, leaving the town to its quiet and simple ways. During the peak summer season it becomes a bustling, energetic place where one struggles to find parking near the beach. There are countless self-catering options- both nestled away from the busy main road or with ocean views. Buffels Bay is the perfect swimming and surfing beach. The crystal clear waters and flat, sandy ocean floor are the trademarks of this beach. You can rent surf boards and even have surfing lessons on site...read more...

Originally the area was a woodcutter’s haven
but new laws in 1939 forbid woodcutters
from eradicating the indigenous forests
and lumberjacks were sent to live
on the flat plateau that is present-day

The drive out to Karatara alone is worth the visit to the town. Just watch out for slippery roads during the rainy season as the road is gravel. Keep your speed at 60 kph and you may spot a small antelope or troop of baboons.

Once a year on the 24th October there is a church bazaar held at the NG Kerk in the centre of the town. A modest and simple market reflecting the town’s history...read more...


Direct to you from the Knysna Tourism Youtube Channel

  • Knysna Cycle Tour is this weekend!
    Knysna Cycle Tour is this weekend! Knysna Rotary is ready for this weekend’s Momentum Weekend Argus Knysna Cycle Tour, the opening sports event of the 2016 Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival and one of the biggest events of the 10-day celebration. “A year of preparation has brought us to this moment,” says Race Director Elwin Thompson. “And we are ready to welcome nearly 6,000 cyclists and their families to Knysna this weekend. “We are very excited that this year we are 10% up on entries and also have more development riders than ever before. At last count it was approximately 100 young riders with about half of these coming Cape Town and the rest from the Knysna area.” Here are a few pointers for cyclists competing in the race and residents and holidaymakers in Knysna, regarding the closure of roads this weekend.On Saturday from 05:30 to approx. 0930, and on Sunday from 05:30 to approx.…
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